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2019 AACA National Winter Meet Inquiry Contacts
Chairperson: Larry Galyean (352-538-1338) Mail Link
Co-Chairperson: Don McCullen (352-812-2701) Mail Link    
Chief Marshall: Frank Stafford (352-237-5332) Mail Link
Registration: Patty Galyean ( Email Only ) Mail Link
Information: Donna McCullen (352-256-9124) Mail Link
Chief Judge: Hulon McCraw (828-606-2918) Mail Link
Parking: Steve Ellis (352-207-1498) Mail Link
Publicity: Pam Stafford (352-237-5332) Mail Link
Tours: Ellen Harcourt (352-459-4791) Mail Link
Social: Jim Rentz (352-638-0502) Mail Link
Hospitality: Bill & Nancy Bachmann ( Email Only ) Mail Link
Web Mechanic: Rich Courmettes ( Email Only ) Mail Link
The Winter Meet's mailing address is:
2019 AACA Winter Meet
P.O. Box 267
Williston, Florida, 32696-0267