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Friday, Feb. 22nd, departs Hilton-Ocala at 9:30 a.m., returns by 12:30 p.m.
Tour #GG at $20/person. Space is limited. Caravan or car pool to the Gypsy Gold Horse Farm in Ocala for a 2 hour tour of the farm with lecture by the owner and staff of these unusual and beautiful [ HOVER TO PEEK ] Gypsy Vanner Horses that were originally bred in England to pull Gypsy Caravan Wagons during the 19th century. Up close and personal with some of these horses allows for memorable photos. These Vanners are a genetic cross between Clydesdale, Shire, Dales Pony and Friesian stock giving them unique hair-covered legs, full fluffy manes and a wonderful disposition. A small gift shop is on site. Short walks on uneven ground are involved; seating in the shade is provided. Equine fans and animal lovers marvel at these unique horses.
Select Tour #GG in your online registration.

Friday, Feb. 22nd, "#SS-Early" departs Hilton-Ocala at 8:15 a.m., returns by 1:15 p.m.; "#SS-Late" departs 9:30 a.m., returns by 2:30 p.m.
Tour #SS at $45/person. Just 2 seats left. Round trip bus transportation to the famous Silver Springs State Park just outside Ocala affords a look at a 200 acre park that was one of the [ HOVER TO PEEK ] main tourist attractions in Florida before Disney arrived. Silver Springs was founded in 1852. The tour includes a lecture by the Park Ranger explaining the geology of the area and a 30 minute narated ride in the famous Glass Bottom Boats to see the extrodinary clear spring water source that flows from here north out to the Atlantic Ocean. The TV series "Sea Hunt", starring Lloyd Bridges, was filmed here in the late 1950s. So were the movies "The Seven Swans" (1916), "Tarzan the Ape Man" (1932) and "Creature From The Black Lagoon" (1954). In all, about 200 movies and TV shows were made here in the crystal clear waters. Manatee, alligator, wild boar, wild turkey, armadillo and ferel monkey sightings are possible. Ability to do a short walk and board a boat is involved; seating in the shade is provided. Café and gift shop are on site. A box lunch is included before departing the park. This is "Old Florida" at its finest.

   These tours still available and incur a fee.    Inquire at registration.